Ticket To The Unknown


I guess I’m just old fashioned.
Or maybe I’m becoming a cliche as I age.
You know the one; the one where the old lady mutters to herself how the world is going to hell in a hand basket as she dodders along, seemingly in her own little bubble.
Yep, that might be me. Or at least, a not-so-distant future version of me–already in the making, even as I write this.

The internet is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong. All that information.. anything, everything, right at the tips of your fingers. I’m happy to say I’m old enough to have a real appreciation for the marvel of it all. But sometimes lately I find myself holding back the screams of reprisal: BALANCE PEOPLE, BALANCE! Life is not intended to be lived virtually, through the vicarious representations of life on whatever chosen device(s) you hold. I mean, seriously!

I grew up in the country, acutely in touch with the cycles and seasons of nature. I’m very thankful for that experience because, through the ups and downs of life, I’ve carried with me the wonderful ability of gleaning comfort, peace and solace from the wisdom and beauty of the natural world. A not-so-good day can still end on a good note after taking in a particularly spectacular sunset. A bleary-eyed start to the day can get a considerable boost from the smell after a fresh rain accompanied by a chorus of bird song.

This is how I move through my life. It doesn’t make me special or right or better, but it does make me grateful, even as it leaves me wondering about the people living through the images flickering on their phones and computers. How does one ever feel satisfied with such a pseudo-existence? Do they not see that they are forfeiting the real deal for the representation of it? Do they not know what they are missing out on, just beyond their hand that holds the screen?

This is the brave, new world. It’s here. We’re in it. I’m in it.
My kids tell me to get used to it.
My 95-year-old grandmother tells me she feels like a visitor in a foreign land.
I’m beginning to know what she means.
I think my ticket for the boat ride she took to get there has already been punched…

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