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So it turns out writing a novel, which took me just under 4 years in stolen moments, (that’s like 9 months in Writer Years) is actually the EASY part of book production.

No Dogs or Indians has been done since last April-(Ye gads, almost a year now!)
But as an Indie-Author, there’s so much “behind the pages” work that goes into the publication and marketing process–work that I actually do enjoy: lots of graphic design and ad copy-type writing, but it is time-consuming.
I did spend about 5 months of that time getting strung along by a book agent who expressed interest in my manuscript, but the industry is presently in the midst of a great upheaval in its transition into the Cyber Age. Where once, literary agents spent their days sloughing through slush piles of typed manuscripts, looking for that gem among the junk, now many agents–job security threatened by the tidal wave of writers flooding the indie market of amazon–spend much of their time trolling amazon for budding (unrepresented) indie authors that are already pulling in a decent number of readers. Seems a bit like cheating to me, but that’s where we’re at…

After several months of haggling with my would-be agent, I decided to take matters into my own hands–like so many other new writers are doing–and self-publish.

Used to be, that was the last-resort route to getting published. Today, for many writers, its the first-preferred way, for a lot reasons, not the least of which is maintaining creative control and much higher take-home from cover pricing. The trade-off, of course, being assuming all the marketing and promotional responsibilities to get your book noticed (found) amid the 4 billion books on amazon. Jyah, that’s four billion, with a B!

Worth it? I’m not sure yet.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and putting my work out there. Even if the money doesn’t come in that giant book advance windfall that every writer dreams of, at least my stuff is getting read. After all, isn’t that the point?

Just designed a new author FB page under the name HarebrainFiction.
Check it out, and if you’d be so kind, do the Like, Share, Follow, Sign Up routine.
It helps.

Shine on,


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